Why do I need a content strategy?

Why do I need a content strategy?

Look, we know that pumping out consistent video content sounds like a pain in the arse. You’ve probably had some thoughts along the lines of:

  • “How often do I need to be releasing content? I’ve got things to do!”
  • “Where am I supposed to be releasing it? Is Vine still a thing?”
  • “Do people even like this stuff? What if they just don’t care?”
  • “Does it matter if I just shoot on my iPad?”
  • “This is going to wipe out my bank account, isn’t it?”

It’s okay, we totally get it. In fact, that’s exactly what we consider when it comes to cobbling together a solid content strategy: frequency, distribution, engagement, quality and cost. That’s why having a strategy in place is a no-brainer.

“So what goes into a darned content strategy?!” I hear you cry. Well, it’s about planning, activation, and review. Read on, friend.

The elements of a content strategy.

The purpose of a content strategy is to identify all the campaigns, initiatives and opportunities over the course of a year and figuring out all the content that will need to be produced in order to smash your marketing goals. The planning stage makes producing consistent content a breeze.

In order to properly target your audience, you first need to figure out who they really are, what gets their juices flowing, and where they’re likely to gobble up content. We help create realistic buyer personas, perform an audit on your existing content as well as your competitors’ content, and plan out a relevant buyer’s journey> for your personas. This lets us use the Hero, Hub, Help framework to target different personas at different stages in their buyer’s journey with specific content that will be hyper-relevant to their needs and interests. It’s a nifty approach called content mapping.

Once the content plan is in place, it’s time to knuckle down and get into the nitty-gritty of production, before getting your content out there using your activation plan.

Content Strategy — Planning

So we’ve already planned out and produced some great content and we know exactly who we want it to reach, but actually getting it stuffed into their peepholes requires a solid activation and promotion strategy or it’ll fall flat on its arse.

Different types of content need to be promoted in different ways, so understanding the differences is key to getting the most from your efforts. For example, Hero content needs to be activated with a big ol’ promo campaign across multiple channels to hit as many faces as possible, whilst Hub content needs a much more targeted approach to hit the right faces at the right time. Help content relies on search rankings, so you’ll want to apply all of yer SEO best practices to get the content ranking well for the search terms you’re looking to sweep up.

We can either give you some advice and leave you to it, we can provide you with a host of social-ready assets to maximise your performance, or you can make full use of our team of clever clogs to activate and promote your content on your behalf. We make sure that we keep up-to-speed on the latest updates to all those pesky social algorithms, so we’re optimising engagement with the confidence that we’re playing by the rules and making the most of your online promo budgets.

Content Strategy — Activation

Once your content is out in the wilderness, you’ll want to make sure that its performance is being measured. There’s no use throwing it out there and turning your back on it. We can gather some seriously useful information that allows us to optimise your content strategy in real-time.

As well as the plethora of analytics provided by social channels, using some clever platforms like Wistia allows us to gather video analytics and track the performance of your videos, allowing us to make incremental changes based on actual data of how people are interacting with your content. Looks like people are getting bored and turning off when they get to that bit at 1:04. Let’s snip that section out, re-upload and watch engagement rise. Nice. Hooray for analytics!

Content Strategy — Review

Squeezing those pennies!

Did we mention it makes your whole marketing effort more effective, financially? Yeah, we thought that would make you sit up straight. Collaborating with us with on your overall content strategy means that we’ve got a top-down view of your marketing efforts, with every single piece of content that’s thrown out of the nest working its tits off to achieve those overarching goals. A unified consistency, personality and production quality does wonders. When we sink our teeth into a strategy, things get hot and sweaty. In a good way.

Squeezing the pennies

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