With a varied and extensive track record of delivering projects across print, web, stage and video, Amy’s strength is in her ability to wrangle creatives to deliver projects to top-tier clients.

After a decade of working in central London for various creative agencies, Amy’s move to Cardiff to work in the world of commercial video production has proven to further her passion in making not only large-scale TV productions but also baking and craft projects. Oh, and Welsh cakes! Apparently a complete game-changer…

With organisation at the heart of her approach, her love of spreadsheets and neatly-formatted data is fuelled by overcoming tricky productions. The task of pulling together odd props, technically challenging cast, or unusual locations is one she relishes.

A stickler for progression and learning, Amy is an avid believer in helping others to achieve their goals and assisting in making her team’s lives easier to allow them to do what they do best (which, knowing creatives, definitely isn’t spreadsheets!).

A lover of gin, a fan of the silly and mildly ridiculous (including but not limited to unicorns, flamingos and horror films), Amy’s problem-solving-yet-delightfully-glittery brain is fundamental to getting projects nailed here at S&S.

Amy's credits.

  • Producer
  • 1st AD
  • Production Assistant

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