Eryn is a motion designer with a particular penchant for bringing 2D shapes to life.

If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that her projects, folder structures and general organisation are second-to-none. If you ever find your projects under Eryn’s microscope, you better make sure they’re up to scratch. A keen eye for detail, a process-driven mind, and a switched-on focus for function makes her a force to be reckoned with.

Although she finds comfort in her introversion, her ability to wrangle the team when needed to get stuff done is pretty darn impressive. Her support goes beyond the practical motion graphics realm—often through training other team members in how to utilise the latest in hybrid production techniques, maintaining our social media marketing calendar, as well as developing workflow processes company-wide. Phew!

When she’s not absolutely smashing it, you’ll often find Eryn curled up with her absolutely freakin’ adorable pup Sydney, indulging in a cheese board whilst screaming profanities at the TV whilst catching up on the latest episode of Drag Race.

Like they say, it’s always the quiet ones you’ve gotta watch out for.

Eryn's credits.

  • Animator
  • Director
  • VFX
  • VFX Artist

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