Josh is our in-house writer/director who takes the creative helm on the majority of Storm & Shelter productions. In his element behind a camera, Josh is a powerhouse of reliability when it comes to getting the shot. Handy, that. Josh’s signature cinematic, documentary style of filmmaking sets the standard for Storm & Shelter’s output.

At risk of sounding pretentious (as if the vinyl collection and tweed jackets don’t do the job), Josh was supposedly “born to tell stories”. A veteran of run-and-gun filmmaking and immersive storytelling, Josh can craft a narrative in any given situation, in all conditions, and will sacrifice everything for that one shot that brings it all together. Luckily, he’s surrounded by producers that worry about health and safety….

Fuelled by a filmmaking-filled childhood, Josh worked towards a place at Newport International Film School, where he went on to graduate with a BA in Documentary Film & TV. Whilst at university, Josh began freelancing as a filmmaker, producing work for numerous corporate clients as well as starting an online music channel called Bedroom Live—a concept that bagged him two Royal Television Society awards and an inflated ego.

After graduating, Josh produced and directed his first feature film, The Better Man—a crowdfunded project that was showcased at many festivals around Europe and even won a couple of awards.

After working with composer Ali Lacey on the music for the final scene of the film, Josh produced a short documentary about Ali’s sound design process; ‘Portrait of a Sound Design Artist’ gained recognition from HuffPost, Vice and Wired after earning a coveted Vimeo Staff Pick, and was licensed by audio-visual giants Bose to be used in their 200+ showrooms worldwide. Josh continued to collaborate with Ali, directing a number of music videos with Storm & Shelter for Ali’s folk project, Novo Amor, which have amassed over five million views.

Outside of work, Josh’s obsession with storytelling extends to the love he has for his Blu-ray collection and his habit of berating anyone who hasn’t seen any of the classic films that inspired him throughout the years. There was a genuine almighty sulk when Nick announced his favourite film of all time as ‘Spongebob Squarepants the Movie’.

As well as his love for film, Josh isn’t truly himself unless he’s immersed in music—whether that’s sat in his pants listening to music on vinyl, sat in his pants making his own music, or putting trousers on and performing his music in public. However, his residency as office DJ is currently under review following a period of playing nothing but the theme tune to ITV’s classic police drama, The Bill.

Josh's credits.

  • Director
  • Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Cinematographer
  • Producer
  • Camera Operator

Josh's blog posts.

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