Early Action Together (EAT) is a two-year programme to increase early intervention and preventative measures from the police when dealing with vulnerable people. It’s being delivered by Public Health Wales, the four police forces and criminal justice partners in Wales. The programme is supporting the police to work collaboratively with multi-agencies (e.g. social services, third sector etc.) across Wales so they can identify vulnerable people, intervene early and keep them out of the criminal justice system, and ultimately improve their lives.

Public Health Wales approached us with a brief to create an animation that would help viewers:

  • Know what the programme is, what it’s trying to achieve, and who’s involved
  • Have a basic understanding of ACEs, how they affect people in terms of vulnerability and developing resilience, and how they link policing, criminal justice and public health
  • Understand the importance of identifying people with ACEs and acting early to give them the support they need and keep them out of the criminal system.

Creatively, the brief was that it needed to be sensitive to the subject matter, for it not to feel childish, and for it to make an emotional connection with the viewer. We immediately thought of our friend Sean Cox (who made our website’s wonderful illustrations!) as the man for the job, so we teamed up with Sun & Moon studios to make it happen.

It’s a big thumbs up! Can you pass on our thanks to everyone involved with the project, it’s turned into a brilliant piece of work and I imagine the feedback will be fantastic from our wider team and audience.

Alexander Evans
Communications Officer, Public Health Wales

This turned out to be one of our favourite animation jobs so far—such a tasty aesthetic!

Initial character development
Initial character development ©Sun & Moon
Early scene development
Initial scene development ©Sun & Moon
Initial character development
Initial character development ©Sun & Moon
Early scene development
Initial scene development ©Sun & Moon


Storm & Shelter
Animation Studio
Sun & Moon
Executive Producer
Nick Patterson
Lindsay Holyoak
Creative Director
Louis Jones
Production Coordinator
Hannah Campbell
Animation & Compositing
Sean Cox
Design & Asset Build
Sean Cox
SFX & Final Mix
Matt Acheson

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