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Cardiff University


Animation, Education, Case Studies

Directed by Jack Chapman

1 in 37 people alive today in the UK will be diagnosed with Parkinson's in their lifetime. 

In recent years, the search for treatments that can slow down or stop the progression of PD has resulted in several new non-traditional therapies. These novel therapies make the trials more complex, and a burden for the people volunteering to participate. Both of these things can impact data collection and the overall outcome of studies. 

The LEARN study set out to capture the experience of people with PD who have taken part in a trial, to better understand their experience and thus provide better information for those taking part in future trials, so that they are more likely to stay the course, maximising the robustness of the trial. 

We can't find new cures, we can't find treatments for Parkinson's Disease without taking part in trials

Dr Emma Lane

We worked with Dr Emma Lane and Dr Cheney Drew to create a series of films which would help document the LEARN study, a resource which could prove invaluable to future participants. 

Across six films, we developed a suite of content ranging from explainers to roundtable discussions. As well as hearing from Dr Lane and Dr Drew about the ambitions and progress of the study, it was really important to hear the stories of participants who had taken part in clinical trials. 

With only two shooting dates, we knew this series of films needed a delicate yet highly considered approach. We needed a location that would be easily accessible, completely private, but also not overly intimidating. Rather than opting for a film studio which can often be daunting, we scouted a disused floor of a lovely period building in Cardiff city centre. 

This location, with it's brickwork walls and metal floors created a visual balance between clinical and homely - allowing us to utilise a more scientific-looking frame for interviews with the doctors, while creating a warmer, comforting environment in which to shoot an interview and roundtable discussion with the trial participants. 

Alongside the filmed element of each piece of content, we conceptualised some approachable and visually thematic animated elements.

Motion graphic sections, threaded throughout each film, craft an accessible atmosphere while delicately addressing sensitive subjects. They break down technical content and vividly illustrate participant experiences, enhancing interviews with vibrant, colourful designs. While visually branding the series, the MGFX harmonizes various subject matters and themes.

Departments collaborated closely with our cinematographer to select a unified colour palette for both full-screen and lower-third animations, paying attention to details like grain structure for the seamless blending of all assets.

The dissemination of the videos has gone well- we’ve had some really positive feedback

To find out more about this amazing study and the incredible work of the Euro GCT, click here. 



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