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Product Closers

Product Videos

A series of informative and engaging videos that explore the key features of some of the leading products from Focusrite

When you’re a musician about to invest in a new piece of tech, the amount of choice can be overwhelming. With so many options out there, there is only so much a list of features can do next to a shiny product picture. What you really need is to test it for yourself, and when that’s not an option, then the next best thing is a kickass video that shows it in action and demonstrates what that baby can do. Well, that's what we did for our pals over at Focusrite.

To supplement the brand content we’d already produced for the Focusrite Scarlett and Vocaster series, we created a suite of informative videos that showcase exactly what the products have to offer and encouraged browsers to smash that buy button.

Although the tech itself might be revolutionary, the brief for the video wasn't exactly rocket science:

  • Make the products look good
  • Make the features clear to understand
  • Make it interesting

Ultimately, we didn’t want the video to just feel like a shopping list of features and make sure we were showing enough information without it becoming too stale for the viewer all while tying in the closer product videos into the universe of the wider campaign.

Taking clips from the Never Stop Creating & Tell The World campaigns, we peppered in the content of people using the products in real-life situations amongst the lockups to allow the audience to imagine using it themselves a little easier.

Between the two series, the general format was the same, but the look and feel matched the respective campaigns with the Vocaster Closers being more casual and minimal compared to the Scarlett Closers which had a more rock ‘n roll feel.

So far we have delivered 12 separate closer videos for Focusrite, but we don’t want this webpage to take forever to load so here is a small selection showing the two flagship products from each series. If you are interested in seeing the whole suite, drop us a messageand we’d be happy to show you.



Wilkinson Sword

Directed by Josh Bennett

Hydro 5


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