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A465 IRB Demolition

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Smashing up a bridge with a leading civil engineering group.

To the locals, it was a cherished relic from the past; a bringer of safe levitated foot transportation; a reinforced concrete member of the community. To others, a bridge. Well, that was until the wonderful Design Dough and their clients The Walters Group gave us a call to announce its complete and utter destruction. It was our job to immortalise the occasion as an informative case study piece.

Shot over two days deep in the heart of the Welsh Valleys, our team braved the cold and damp to capture the congregation of heavy machinery and manpower who came together over a weekend to annihilate the bridge and restore everything to usable condition by the Monday morning.

Now you’d be forgiven for thinking “Surely you just smash it down then clear it away, right?” but listen, that just isn’t the case. From the word go on Friday night, crews worked through night and day, whatever Mother Earth could chuck at them, to get it done. What this video would do is serve as a monument to their success, considering you’d not have anything to show for it (bar the fact nothing’s there anymore).

The purpose of the vid was to be informative as well as educational—helping viewers understand the stages that exist between the bridge being there and the bridge being gone. We used clean and clear motion graphics to detail the necessary steps with explanatory text that help give context as to why we’re seeing certain things being done. This stuff is more for the layman interested in how it’s done, whereas the main reason for the video is to showcase the professionalism of the Walters crew and how they get a job done, and do it well.

Absolute gems throughout the process, the crews were generous with their time and space, allowing for us to take up residency around the site to capture the plethora of activities that tied everything together resulting in a successful project.

Also, it’s really cool to watch stuff get destroyed. End of.


Wilkinson Sword

Directed by Josh Bennett

Hydro 5


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