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Bingo Hall Demolition

Case Studies

Project case study for the demolition of the iconic Pontypridd's Bingo Hall

We’re back at it again watching stuff get wrecked (safely of course) with the good people over at The Walters Group. The last time we worked with them, they were a joy of client and it was very eye-opening to see what exactly goes into demolition, even if we wished there had been more explosions.

So when they came and asked us if we’d be interested in creating a video case study for their latest demo we were more than happy to help. Plus, it was good to confirm that we didn't burn that bridge. Geddit? Cos the last project was them destroying a bridge? You know what, never mind.

The approach

As the Bingo Hall was right in the middle of Pontypridd this demolition wasn't going to be as simple as just blowing it up with some places being done by hand, meaning that it would take months to complete rather than a couple of weeks.

So to keep the filming consistent, we enlisted the help of superstar Sam Irving to go in on seven separate film days and fully equipped him with Josh's ideal shot to make sure we had everything we could possibly need once it came to the edit.

Josh's bingo card of ideal shots

After the success of our last time, we had a good idea of what we knew the client would love and so it was really a case of following the previous format and keeping timings on track. We knew the audience of the end video may not necessarily be civil engineers, so we kept things informative and educational by using clean and clear motion graphics to detail the necessary steps with explanatory text that help give context to what the experts are doing on screen.

Overall the purpose of the video was to showcase what a great bunch of professionals the Walters team is, and that they know exactly what they’re doing (and that they can do it well). Which is exactly what it did.

Was the client happy? Here's what Jim had to say:

That’s great. Thanks all.

Jim Webb, Regional Director (South West), The Walters Group

‘Nuff said.


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