For some, being asked to do the same thing twice is an easy win; you repeat the same steps, produce the same work and get the same results. While that may work, it doesn’t wash with our creative-types here at S&S. While we were flattered when artist The Wanderer approached us and asked us to make something similar to Novo Amor’s Anchor video, we knew that we wanted to stretch our legs are try out something new.

After doing some creative development, we decided upon a happy medium: we would lift certain aesthetic elements, such as the anamorphic feel, the nautical themes and golden-hour aesthetic, and marry this together with a story that we felt was more true to the song. We also introduced some new ideas that weren’t present in Novo Amor’s video, such as trick photography, underwater camerawork and a mixture of full-frame and super 35mm formats.

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It’s that time again! Music video day today!

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As per usual, our miraculous luck-based relationship with the weather granted us a beautiful golden sunset. Jelley, in classic Jelley fashion, almost give our newly hired producer, Jess, a minor brain hemorrhage by forcing the whole crew to wait as long as physically possible before shooting the sunset shots, leaving us with a narrow but stunning window in which to shoot our final scene. Even though Josh had to sprint down a beach and wade out into the sea with the camera to grab the final shots (dodging jellyfish as he did so) we think he was still pleased with the decision. Jelley wasn’t smug. Honest.

The film we delivered thrilled The Wanderer—even more-so than if we’d have given him what he originally asked for! Another great project in the bag.


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Jess Gardner
Lewis Jelley
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Ben Curd
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