Our in-house cinematographer, Lewis, worked closely with director Hamish Kay to create a concept that was, whilst being “out there”, refined enough to be watchable by other humans. As well as being visually interesting, the duo wanted to ensure that there was a clear thematic link between the song and the video itself. Glasshouse is a song that raises points on ignorance, hypocrisy and narcissism, and so the film was to be directed in a way that reflected this.

Hamish and Lewis combined reference images from films and music videos like “Neon Demon” and “Crystal Lake – Apollo” as a starting point from which to develop their vision. Hamish was very conscious of recognising that Neon was very current and cool. Rather than sticking to an overdone trend, he wanted to push that look almost one step too far, creating a ‘hyper-neon’ aesthetic.

To create the scene, Lewis took AVIIRA to Band Films in Bristol, instructing SR Productions’ lighting magician Matt Dunford to create a 2mx2m square truss which would have 4 x 2m fluro tubes attached to it. The tubes would be gelled with various colours throughout the shoot. The secondary light sources in the video were provided by 2 Arri S120-C Skypanels, controlled remotely via DMX to create pulsing effects and contrasting colours on-screen.

As this film was to be intensely vibrant and saturated, a camera was needed that could cope with these conditions (even when the crew’s eyeballs could not). The newly released RED 8K Monstro was certainly up to the job.


Hamish Kay
Nick Patterson
1st AD
Gruff Vaughan
Lewis Jelley
Production Assistant
Charlie Greaves

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