“We need you in Stuttgart tomorrow to shoot a film about the world’s largest piano, is that possible?”

Yes, yes it is. This was our second outing with the lovely folks at Massive Music, this time, creating a film to win them the pitch to sonically re-brand the world’s biggest wealth management bank, UBS.

Flying with a full shooting kit can be quite troublesome, especially when it comes to airport security. Despite a slight delay involving an incredibly inconvenient full build of the camera to prove it wasn’t a weapon, we finally made it to Germany.

Armed with our trusty FS700 and Odyssey 7Q+ and a few bits of rented lighting from Amsterdam, we set about shooting the monster that is the Klavins 370. Standing at 370cm tall and weighing in at just over two tonnes and the largest string measuring a gigantic nine feet in length, the Klavins is jaw-droppingly big—it takes a flight of stairs to be able to sit at the keys!

Once again, we had teamed up with sound designer, Ali Lacey, whose task was to record every intricate sound and detail of the piano, creating an incredibly rich audio experience, intended to wow the client.

A simple lighting plan made of dotting two KinoFlos around the instrument allowed for a freely moving shooting style, following Ali as he studied the piano, looking all whimsical, tapping and listening to the natural resonance of the piano.

The aim of the short film was to capture the very personal relationship between the musician, their instrument and the music they create together—“the truth”. With Massive Music settled on a simple yet confident melody consisting of just three notes, we focused on a classically trained pianist as he explores the instrument and the three notes.

The client loved it and Massive Music killed it in the pitch. Huzzah!


Josh Bennett
Tommy Zee
Josh Bennett

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