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Explainer Videos And Why They Are Ace

By Jemima Thomas


4 min read

Jun 24, 2024

Looking up a business and being unable to figure out what they do or offer from their website is enough to put anyone off.

From boring corporate copy to soulless stock imagery, this is a sure-fire way of encouraging potential customers to run for the hills. We’ve all been there.

Producing an engaging explainer video that encompasses your brand's offering and unique personality can help your business stand out from the crowd and create a lasting impression.

What Is An Explainer Video?

In short, an explainer video is a marketing tool to summarise your business’s core offering in an informative and engaging way.

Explainer videos are generally 60-90 seconds long and give your audience a better understanding of who your brand is and what you offer.

In other words, it succinctly describes your essence and why people should give a damn!

The Benefits Of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are ace for a tonne of reasons. The benefits of explainer videos include, but are not limited to…

  1. Explainer videos save time

  2. They work to grab people’s attention

  3. They help you to stand out from the crowd

  4. Explainer videos improve conversions

  5. They can help improve your SEO

1. Explainer Videos Save Time

No one wants to wade through pages of copy to work out what you do or are selling, so why not make it as easy as possible for your target audience?

Whether you’ve created a complex piece of software or a simple product, explainer videos allow you to condense your story into a digestible video, enabling your audience to get up to speed in a fun, quick, and quirky way.

Considering that a staggering 81% of businesses attribute an increase in sales to explainer videos, it’s clear why many brands want a piece of the action!

Moreover, explainer videos can better inform sales teams, support customer interactions, and save time in introductory calls. What’s not to love?

Explainer videos should tell a clear story.

2. They Work To Grab People’s Attention

A key benefit of explainer videos is that when done well, they work to grab people’s attention within seconds.

Considering that the average website user will leave a website within 10 to 20 seconds, it’s your job to make them stick around for longer, and a punchy explainer video can help you do just that.

Animated explainer videos, for instance, can offer a fun and creative way of grabbing people’s attention and showing what your business offers in a visually appealing video that they’ll remember.

Provided your video is interactive and informative, explainer videos can make all the difference in encouraging website visitors to stay longer and learn more about your unique offerings. Speaking of unique…

3. They Help You To Stand Out From The Crowd

Not every business uses explainer videos, but considering that a whopping 91% of people prefer online video content over other forms of brand content, this is a wasted opportunity.

From comedic visuals to quirky animations, explainer videos offer businesses an opportunity to stand out and inject a load of personality into their websites.

If you’re keen to create an engaging explainer video but don’t know where to start, why not hire a video production company?

At STORM+SHELTER, we have years of experience telling stories using film, video, and animation. We’re pros at showcasing unique personalities, and we will collaborate with you to create an explainer video that makes a long-lasting impression.

Get in touch to get ahead of the competition with a killer explainer video!

Our friendly team at STORM+SHELTER can help get your product or service noticed.

4. Explainer Videos Improve Conversions

A huge benefit of explainer videos is that they allow you to improve conversions.

Not only do explainer videos work to engage viewers and present your product or service as a solution to a problem they have, but viewers retain 95% of a video’s message compared to 10% when reading text.

That said, having an explainer video on your website can increase your conversion rate by 80%. Crazy, right?

When paired with the fact that a higher conversion rate results in a more impressive return on investment (ROI), getting creative with explainer videos becomes a no-brainer.

5. They Can Help Improve Your SEO

Lastly, explainer videos go hand in hand with improving your website’s SEO.

Search engines recognise the power of video and reward sites that use it across their landing pages.

How Does Video Help SEO?

Video helps boost your SEO in numerous ways, including keeping people on your website longer.

The more time a person spends on a site, the more this indicates the value they’re receiving from it, which search engines such as Google recognise as gold dust!

Explainer videos improve your SEO by boosting your visibility on search and your website ranking whilst driving more organic traffic to your site.

Help your target audience better understand what you offer with a concise explainer video!

How We Can Help

Interested in creating an ace explainer video for your business? STORM+SHELTER can help.

Our team can produce explainer videos that help your customers understand what you’re all about neatly and succinctly in a way that holds their attention.

Fancy a chat to learn more? Contact us at content@stormandshelter.com or on 02920 251255, or keep an eye on our socials, including our Instagram.

Written by Jemima for STORM+SHELTER.


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