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By Gruff Vaughan


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Mar 14, 2023

Support work isn’t just paperwork or sitting behind a desk.

It’s making real connections with real people to make a real difference. It’s far from your typical career, so Cymorth Cymru deserved more than your typical recruitment video.

Working alongside our friends at SBW Advertising, we created a powerful documentary-style film that aims to showcase the passion, joy, and purpose that support work can bring while shattering misconceptions and confusion surrounding the exact nature of a role in the support service. And ultimately, attract and empower them to join the effort to end homelessness in Wales.

To be able to demonstrate the importance of support work and how rewarding a career with Cymorth Cymru can be, a typical ‘come to work to do this’ style recruitment campaign wasn’t going to cut it — we needed to go deeper.

To do this, we grounded the campaign in an authentic reflection of hope and warmth, highlighting the intrinsic compassion and sincerity that comes with supporting others without shying away from just how difficult the job can be at times.

By using contrasting environments, lighting and settings, we created a visual language that reflected the lifestyle of support work and how varied the role can be. From the high-energy moments of being out in the field to the quieter, introspective moments of providing much-needed human connection to those in need, they captured it all.

And the icing on the cake? An impactful and engaging scripted voiceover, spoken by a singular narrator, brought all of these workers' differing worlds together.

The cherry on top of the icing on the cake? The fact we managed to transform our creative room into a convincing Cymorth Cymru office. So much so that our Marketing Manager didn't quite realise it was shot there until they had to write this case study.

The resulting film is a tightly constructed collection of emotive moments from each worker's typical day, strung together to form a compelling portrait of what real support looks like in Wales.

Emotive, creative and important. All things we love in a project. Thanks for having us SBW, we're honoured to have been a part of it.



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