We’ve all been there, you take a bite of the cake, and you just can’t help but go back for more—musical cake in this instance. Like a cameraman to a free buffet, shortly after the success of a live session we shot in Metropolis Studios for country trio Adelaides, Yamaha came forth in pursuit of another audio/visual appetiser. “We’ll ‘ave some more of that then!” is what I imagine they said to themselves. 

After witnessing our ability to transform a humble recording studio into a vibrant live session location, Yamaha challenged us to shoot two thematically-different artist profiles and performances in the same recording room, in the same day. Jeepers, way to raise the bar, Yamaha.

Not satisfied with sticking to the same setup as last time, our lighting high-jumper, DoP Lewis, alongside director Josh, concocted a new set of lighting designs which would semantically separate the artists while still maintaining a feeling of cohesion.

This time we were lucky enough to be joined by lick-wizard Chris Buck, as well as indie rockers Joe and Jacob from Two Door Cinema Club and Circa Waves. Thanks to the technological wonder that is Astera light tubes, we remotely managed the set’s aesthetic, mixing things up between scenes.

Although live sessions run deep in our history, we like to think we really ‘amped’ things up this time around. Yamaha were yet again chuffed with the outcome, and we’re stoked to be adding this project to our portfolio. Now, did someone say buffet?

(Editor’s note: Apologies for all the food references—Lewis must have written this right before lunch…)

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