Ever found yourself living in sub-equatorial Africa with a hankering for some Marmite on toast with your PG tips? Of course you have. Unfortunately, unless you’ve heard of British Corner Shop, you’re dead out of luck. But it’s okay because the good folks at BCS are doing all they can to get the word out, and get British home comforts to as many ex-pats in as many countries as possible.

To help spread the word of their quest to get British brands into the hands of custard cream lovers worldwide, BCS commissioned us to make a series of top-down recipe videos. The recipes in the videos, you guessed it, were to exclusively include products available through the British Corner Shop.

Aside from the usual challenges of working with highly-reflective surfaces such as bowls, plates and other glassware (which we overcame by using really big, really diffused Kinoflos) the more significant obstacles faced in this shoot were two-fold: keeping continuity between cuts, and avoiding the temptation of eating 10 meals in one day.

The prior was conquered by some maniacal attention to detail from our 1st AD, Jess (or as we affectionately nicknamed her, The Confectionery Cop). Not even a misaligned crumb could escape her steely gaze.

The latter challenge, however, wasn’t so easy to overcome. This was at great cost to our intestines, which had to bear the brunt of putting back 4 dinners and countless cakey offcuts. Oops. Our full bellies paid testament to the tastiness of the recipes and products, which made for some mouthwatering final films.

The posts were a big success on Facebook for BCS, which is great for two reasons: a) they’re a lovely bunch who are doing some really great work, and b) because in our opinion, the further away from us the Marmite gets sent, the better. Yuck.


Josh Bennett
Nick Patterson
1st AD
Jess Gardner
Lewis Jelley
1st AC
Ben Curd

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