It’s easy to think of Telcos as massive, corporate machines that care little about most things apart from making bank. That’s the issue that BT Wales drafted us in to help out with.

Following the success of our work with The Open University’s Hafan project, BT Wales asked us to get involved and help create a brand film that showcases the work they do all across the country, including support for local communities and the work that does on behind the scenes to keep things running.

With this brief, it was a case of sending the crew out to the four corners of the country, getting coverage of the various things that BT Wales is involved in. We’d initially look at four pillars: Country, Welsh Language, Community Work and Family. As the project progressed, we realised that we’d actually be tackling so much more than this—there’s so much to cover with BT Wales’ work that meant our initial road trip quickly turned into a tour-de-force of filmmaking across the country. Dashing from event to event, from business to business, as well as some set up situations simulating that home life environment, we captured a bunch of content that when put together, forms a diverse portrait of BT Wales’ ethos and impact.

We scripted the piece, voiced by Alwen Williams, head of BT in Wales, for both a 2-min and 5-min version, catered for different audiences. We also chose to feature a Welsh-language section to highlight the importance of the language in their operations and the dedication to their provision of their services in Welsh. Having this delivered by Alwen rather than any other VO artist meant that it gave the brand a more human feel—highlighting the personal connection between Alwen, her background and dedication to the country, and the work that the company does to support that.

From this footage, we also created a suite of social content, along with case studies of the businesses we visited, adding to the overall value of the project.

It was a great experience for us to understand the depth of meaning of the brand’s work in local communities and their dedication to putting Wales first in their decisions, and a pleasure to help capture all of this within the project.

The 5-minute version
The 2-minute version


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