Who doesn’t love some really satisfying 3D elements snapping together Tetris-style to some slick audio?

Our long-standing client, Ampify, came to us with a brief to simply illustrate how you put together a track in their own music-making app, Ampify Studio, in an engaging and social-friendly way. 

(Btw, we also made their launch video. Take a look! 👍)

Ditching the over-familiar format of app walkthrough videos that are quickly becoming ignored on social, we proposed the idea of a series of building-block type videos that represent different elements in the audio snapping together to make an arrangement of shapes dictated by the individuality of the audio. 

Building on the colour palette featured in-app that people who use the app would be familiar with, we developed a system that’s unique to the tracks used, but uniform enough that they all become their own stand-alone series. We’re super happy with how they came out, having developed a system that works that’s scalable and has a point of difference from their usual content. Low-key flex, but the client were so pleased with the outcome that they came back asking for more, which we took in our stride and bashed out quick-sharp 😎

Turn off that bloody mute button and enjoy them all in their satisfying, tactile glory.


Josh Bennett
Amy Walpole
Alex Bull
Eryn Sivak
Graphic Designer
Izzy Young

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