The PSCI is aiming to increase transparency and collaboration within the pharmaceutical industry to promote ethical and responsible practices. When you consider the enormity of the supply chain possibilities that lie within the pharmaceutical industry, it’s easy for your mind to start boiling over or simply shut down. It was up to us to take the core idea of the initiative and break it down into an easy-to-understand explainer video that gives viewers a good idea of their aims and objectives.

Drawing on the idea of interconnectivity and collaboration, our approach centered around the imagery of the PSCI as the nucleus of a tangle of units that represent both the member companies and the various aspects of the industry’s supply chains. We delve into aspects of these connected units, using them as storytelling vessels that provide the viewer with more detail and insight to give wider context as to the work of the PSCI.

The team at Storm & Shelter provided fantastic creative input and communication at each stage of the project to deliver video that exceeded expectations.

Jon Peers

Whilst the pharma industry can be a complicated beast, our approach to simplifying and visually contextualising the work of the PSCI allows viewers to better understand the need for transparency and ethical practice, and delivers the client’s key objectives for the project.


Eryn Sivak
Nick Patterson
Eryn Sivak

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