The Digital Innovation Fund is a government-funded scheme run by Nesta. It gives companies working in the arts sector throughout Wales the chance to seek funding and use it to research, develop and implement digital technologies.

With the grand vision of creating new ways of not only using digital to improve the arts but to improve, measure and influence the engagement of art throughout Wales, this was definitely something that needed documenting. Whilst not being the most technically-challenging project we’ve undertaken in regards to film-making, it certainly proved to be a logistical behemoth.

The project itself had three main stages: Research and Development, early implementation and results. Five arts companies were granted funding from the Digital Innovation Fund, which meant that for each stage, five individual case study films would need to be shot, almost simultaneously as to not miss any major developments. There would also be a compilation film made for each stage, as well as an overall longer edit that would reflect the entire process as a whole.

The result was 19 case study films, as well as several event films showcasing the involvement that staff from Nesta had in the project. Oh my.

To make things even more interesting, the arts companies we were following were spread out across Wales, resulting in the need for dispatching multiple crews simultaneously. For a relatively small company at the time, this was a considerable challenge and one that Nick dealt with like a true champ. Liaising like a boss, Nick ensured that not a beat was missed—even at late notice.

Every single film was delivered on time. Nice.

After twelve months of documenting, and the last of the films were delivered, everyone involved in the project was really pleased to see what the arts organisations had achieved. It’s always a nice bonus when you come out of a project with a deep knowledge of a subject you hadn’t the foggiest of before you began!

Stage 1—Building Teams

Stage 2—Early Implementation

Stage 3—Results


Josh Bennett
Nick Patterson
Josh Bennett
Executive Producer
Gruff Vaughan
Production Coordinator
Charlotte Harris

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