Did you know that fewer than half of children in Wales walk or cycle to school? It may not seem very shocking, and that’s the issue—we’re all too used to that being the case nowadays.

What Public Health Wales did was promote an initiative to get more kids ditching the commute in a car, which leads to a healthier population, as well as reducing carbon emissions.

You hate traffic. We hate traffic. Everyone hates traffic. It sucks.

A lot of that traffic that clogs up the morning commute we all despise is parents and kids, so in an ideal world, it’d be a lot easier for kids to make their way to school on foot or on two wheels. This piece was commissioned to work alongside a printed infographic to help illustrate the possibilities for housing developers, the police and other bodies to get more children travelling safely to school with alternative options.

We worked alongside CreativeLoop (who designed the initial visual guide) to develop an animation which distilled the information from the guide into an easy-to-digest piece that would sit on the client’s website and on their social media channels.


Nick Patterson
Veez Nixon
Veez Nixon

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