Nowadays, there’s a lot of debate as to how much of a part art and creativity should play in school curriculums. Storm & Shelter wouldn’t exist without art, and to be honest, whilst art might not immediately save lives or help build nuclear reactors, we think life would suck pretty hard without it.

Luckily, our pals at the Arts Council of Wales agree with us; they recently launched a scheme to give young students a chance to get involved in the arts in hope that it would positively impact their learning experiences. Sounds like a great idea to us!

The scheme was split into two sub-sections: ‘Go and See’, aimed at getting pupils out of the classrooms to experience art in places like theatres and galleries, and ‘Creative Collaborations’, which aimed to insert creative experts into schools, effectively bringing artistic experiences to them.

To make sure that everyone else in Wales knew about the great work that was happening across schools in Wales, we were tasked with gathering coverage of several events from schools across the country, before compressing this down into an informative compilation that could be used across social media and online.

As this was an educational incentive, a lot of the events took place simultaneously during term time, so after liaising with teachers and practitioners on a national level, we pooled our resources and dispatched multiple camera crews to all corners to Wales in order to be as effective and efficient as possible.

The final deliverables were two short films which emphasised the enjoyment and benefit that the youngsters received as a result of the scheme. Who knew that art could be such a power for good, ey?


Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson
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