We were tasked by our friends at Veeqo to soup up their demo content. They wanted to try and move away from a Powerpoint-esque demo/walkthrough and use animation to help illustrate some of the selling points that support the functions of the site.

If you run an online store or business that uses one of the many different online sales platforms including Shopify, WooCommerce or Amazon, you can use Veeqo to sell across Amazon and eBay, keeping listings consistent with your stock across all of your stores. Working closely with Veeqo, we understood their needs and what a user would want to hear as part of this support/demo content.

Stuff like this has to be able to guide potential users through a platform in a way that is easy to follow and easy to understand. To help add to the aesthetic beyond standard screencaps, we designed and animated sections of the videos to accompany some of the conceptual stuff behind how Veeqo is like a Godsend to online store owners. We also used After Effects to enhance the screencaps by punching in with easing, highlighting important sections and transitioning between screens, making it an engaging and clear watch.

In all, we produced six videos, each one customised to the various online store providers, which gives those users a customised approach to how Veeqo is going to make their life a buttload easier and help rake in the cash.


Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson
Nick Patterson

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