As part of Nesta’s Digital Innovation Fund for Wales, Swansea’s #HackTheCity event was held to encourage tech-based collaboration and new ways of thinking in the digital sphere to make improvements to cities in today’s world.

The event drew a number of people from around the area from all kinds of backgrounds, with their alignment in a shared goal: how do we use digital solutions to improve cities, not just in Swansea, but possibly on a wider scale?

We were drafted in to get coverage of the event and deliver a highlights film that gives the viewer a sense of what it’s like to attend one of these #HackTheCity workshops and get a good grasp on their goal. We interviewed attendees throughout the day and captured a variety of elements, focusing on teamwork and discussion.

To be fair, the groups made this one easy—everyone was enthused and engaged from the get-go and led to some really interesting discussions.


Josh Bennett
Nick Patterson
Lewis Jelley

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