Kagool is a forward-thinking digital agency delivering complex platforms using a clever bit of software called Sitecore. Our good friends came to us in need of a new ream of content that helps people understand who they are, what they do and to show off the lovely new brand they’d developed in-house. 

Initial style frames based on Kagool’s new brand

After some intense brainstorming, scripting and storyboarding sessions, we decided to take it down the heavily-animated route to push the look and feel and the brand values. By throwing in some friendly Kagool faces, our aim was to explore the company story and culture in a true, honest and human way.

An initial rough storyboard

We dusted off the ‘ole green screen and set up camp in their head office to shoot a mixture of candid profile shots. We wanted to capture a variety of different moments and interactive shots to key-out and immerse them into the fully-animated “Kagool world” we’d designed for them.

Sound was key to this project. The brand itself has a sonic logo, so we put it to use and injected it throughout the film to accentuate the Kagool personality and energy. 

We needed to come up with a system for the motion of the Kagool brand, acting as an extension of their brand guidelines. How these shapes would move needed to be consistent across the board, especially as the company drives forward and creates more moving assets in the future. So we did exactly that. Drawing on our design team’s knowledge and experience with brand identity, we carefully set out a clear direction for motion and helped the folks at Kagool develop this part of their new brand. 

Our solution for this was to give all elements intelligent intention, so the shapes always look as if they’re building something and have motivation. The way in which they actually build, however, can be different to ensure flexibility—some digital feeling, some more analogue and some in between. Precise, meticulously calculated movements portray confidence and show shapes intelligently building and moving with purpose: fast, sharp, sure; varied and sporadic; random but calculated. The ‘code’-like transitions provided a base to build on throughout the film to articulate all the points in the script, working in tandem with the considered sound design. 

All of this, combined with some on-screen text to highlight key points in their beautiful brand font made for a nice little animated piece that we (and the client!) are chuffed to bits with.


Josh Bennett
Nick Patterson
Lewis Jelley
Head of Design
Alex Bull
Alex Bull
Eryn Sivak
Sound Designer
Josh Bennett
VFX Artist
Kai Axmacher

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