In today’s world, one of the most frightening and disturbing of dystopian futures is that where you hold your phone up to check how many likes you got on that picture of your cat dressed up like a person (quality content, that) and you realise you have no signal.

The horror.

What do you even do in that situation? If for some reason you can’t turn to another human next to you and ask them, then what options do you have? Well, we’ve got the answer. A few of them, actually!

We worked with O2 on this project to deliver a piece of support content that provides viewers with a few options when they’re faced with some network issues. Stuff from a classic “off and on again” through to a SIM-swapping experience with your mate.

The emphasis here for O2 was to keep everything on brand, which included featuring a colour grade with a blue wash, blue grad graphics and some VFX bubbles. We played around with a bunch of variations of including the bubble elements, with concepts ranging from the streams signifying wireless connection through to huge-ass bubbles that encompassed everyone who were connected.

A lot to pack into a long shooting day and turned around muy bloody rapido, it was a proper challenge, but thanks to a crack team and bang-on comms, we got it smashed out and delivered on time, much to the delight of the product owners at O2.


Josh Bennett
Jess Gardner
1st AD
Jess Gardner
2nd AD
Charlotte Harris
Production Coordinator
Charlotte Harris
Dom John
1st AC
Matt Pidala
Isaac Powell
Katie Hopkins
Production Assistant
Lina Alnadi
Josh Bennett
Lewis Jelley
Stephen Thomas

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