A far cry from a nine-to-five desk job, the Openreach Civils teams are out there day and night preparing and repairing the infrastructure to both upkeep and update the ever-expanding network that spans the UK.

In this recruitment piece, we follow two Openreach Civils Team members whilst getting a glimpse into their usual day, learning about the unpredictable and ever-changing nature of their role and the benefits that come with such an active and on-the-go type of job. We accompanied Natasha and Dan whilst on assignment, carrying out Civils work and interviewed them as they spoke about what makes the role an attractive and rewarding one.

We wanted the look and feel of this content to feel quite genuine and laid-back, rather than overly polished and cinematic—the idea is for this style of content to come across as relatable and “real”, as opposed to something too constructed. That style of content has its place amongst the plethora of content that we produce for Openreach, but for recruitment-specific purposes, the accessible feeling allows viewers to resonate more with the content and as such, would have a higher potential of follow-through of viewer action.


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Nick Patterson
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Mari Makarov

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