Imagine. You run a business that sells a bunch of products, and you’re selling online. You’ve got a warehouse, which is cool, but you’re using a stock management system as well as using Veeqo to manage your online orders.

Nightmare, right? Doubling up your work sucks. Well, let it suck no more! Veeqo released a new Scanner device which syncs with your Veeqo account, meaning you can sort your stock, get stuff ready for picking and packing and keep it all up to date. It’s a Godsend.

But how do you show exactly what it does in a coherent and accessible way? Pfff…video, obviously!

We were tasked to capture a use case of the scanner, along with highlighting its features and benefits. This product video would sit on their website and be used as sales material to send out to existing customers to upgrade to the Scanner to complement their current Veeqo setup. They hooked us up with a local warehouse who was a Veeqo user, and we scrambled over there to get some content shot.

It was important that we covered all the USPs and uses that set the scanner apart from other products on the market. It was all about making this video an engaging yet informative watch. The target audience wouldn’t have resonated well with a more off-the-wall approach, so we opted for a traditional product video approach which focused on usability and as much coverage of practical application of the product as possible. This would ultimately serve twofold as an introduction to the product, but also a demo in its use.

P.s. The combination of polished concrete floors and gear trolleys make the BEST improv dollies.


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Alex Bull
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