Let’s talk vans. More importantly, vans with fridges.

Now, fridges use a bunch of power. Generally, they’d run from either a battery source that you’d have to recharge, or directly from the power generated by the van’s engine. PV2G changes this with a system that uses the kinetic energy of the van and delivers this to a lithium-ion battery so it can keep everything going on the move.

We’re not just talking fridges, it’s all kind of electrical applications. With a product like this, you need a good way of being able to condense the message into a digestible and understandable pitch.

That’s where we came in.

We worked with the client to develop a look and feel that felt accessible and not overly corporate, and scripted to distil the product’s USPs into a coherent and easy to grasp explainer. The art style was simplistic and stripped back, which allowed for the concept of the system to shine through and ultimately reinforce the idea for viewers that the solution was a simple one.


Veez Nixon
Nick Patterson
Veez Nixon

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