The lottery. The school raffle. That time you guessed how many jelly beans were in the jar at that village fete and never got a call back. These are the moments that shape us and make us all think “What’s the point? It’ll never happen to me…”

Our mission was to work with O2 to develop a bunch of vids that help shine a light on the winners of the O2 Priority Prize Draws—proving that age old notion of “you gotta be in it to win it.”

Using a bunch of phone calls with actual prize draw winners, we assembled six videos that show off the breadth and scale of the prizes you can win through Priority, as well as showcasing the actual winners themselves. It’s all about the fact that people actually do win this stuff, like two Mini Coopers and a trip to Dubai. Noice.

After playing around with some concepts, we decided that focusing on a kinetic typography approach, along with some character animation, would be a nice mixture of social-ready, sound-off content, but also not falling down a text-only route. Nice to have a bit of personality to them and to humanise the whole idea, reinforcing the fact these are real people who’ve won the prize draws, prompting others to enter.

With a suite of clips that were rolled out through social channels and through the Priority app, the client had a bunch of ammo with which to get users on-board and throwing their hat into the ring to win some cool stuff.


Nick Patterson
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Nick Patterson
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