If you’ve grown up in Wales, you know that the Eisteddfod is a cultural event with a rich heritage steeped in history.  It’s also known for the weird and wonderful, especially if you’re not Welsh. Druids, strange dancing rituals and competitive poetry reading is what it’s all about.

It’s no surprise, then, that this year they’re putting on a show all about acrobatic fairies. As you do. This crazy, musically diverse audiovisual adventure runs over two nights at this year’s Eisteddfod, and we were tasked with delivering a creative that adapted their poster artwork into a living canvas. We decided to go along the route of imitating the style of a paper pop-up book, which traditionally brings a new dimension to books and brings stories to life. 

An original show brimming with songs, local folk tales and acrobatic wonders for the whole family by Myrddin ap Dafydd, Gwyneth Glyn and Twm Morys, with international aerial dance company Fidget Feet.

Using 2D elements scattered through a 3D plane, the ad gives viewers an immersive journey into the visuals—accompanied by the low frame rate which gives it a stop-motion feel, adding to that sense of realism and feeling like a hand-made animated piece.

With the client chuffed with the end result, and a swift and hassle-free journey through the lands of Clearcast, we delivered the clocked TVC within two weeks of kick-off. Thumbs up all round.


Yoke Creative
Executive Producer
Nick Patterson
Executive Producer
Alex Bull

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