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Case Studies

Take their word for it

Sometimes the most effective way to sell is just by having someone else say how good you are.

The (Social) Proof is in the pudding

Use real people with real opinions

Case studies are at their best when they feel genuine, and the best way is actually letting the actual people involved to do the talking.

Present your brand with context

Why present a long list of product features when you can tell a story instead? Make things simple and easy to understand by making placing them in the real world.

Double up your content

The beauty of case studies is that unless you change something pretty drastic they have a long shelf-life and can easily be repurposed across all of your channels.

Examples of our case studies

Square Enix

Life is Strange

Public Health Wales

Adventure Therapy


Fibre Cities

Cardiff University

ICS Cleanroom

Don't just take our word for it

“Friendly, professional and collaborative, it was a real pleasure to work with them. The final edit is a work of art!”

Hannah Eastham Education & Outreach Officer, The Japan Society


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