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Abi Luxford-Noyes posing with a skeleton pretending that they are doing a podcast together
Josh Bennett, Creative Director at Storm & Shelter is sitting on the Throne of Agony, a place where you have run out of creative ideas.
Hybrid Working at Storm & Shelter
Canon R5
Josh, Ali, Veez and Si Martin get together for episode 5 of the Lonely Arts Club podcast.
Canon C200
I'd like to return this it's unused
Gotta go fast
Choosing A Lens
Canon C700
Original Cooke Speed Panchro Lenses
Storm & Shelter Time To Change Wales Reach Out
Canon C700
Hannah Grace Mustang
Anamorphic Anamorfake Lens
Cine 4 vs S-Log2 Test Results
Palette Gear
Atomos Shogun
Codec Comparison (LUT Applied)
Ali Lacey